Integrate Cyber Security Awareness Training into Self Awareness Training

Alicya Simmons, MBA
Inspirer, Motivator, Cybersecurity Activist

"Sustain our planet, our selves and digital ecosystems"

Security Awareness & Self Awareness Training & Education:

INTRODUCTION TO CORE ASSESSMENTS:  Data Security;  Hardware Security;  Access Control;  Contingency Planning.

FRAMEWORK & TOOLS: For Cybersecurity; Alleviation of stress and anxiety.

What are you protecting & where is your data located? On Premises – The Cloud?

Identify your vulnerabilities and address them; Become more resilient to adversity and uncertainty.

Identify – Detect – Protect – Respond and Recover your internal states of consciousness and devices (laptops only not i-phones) in the course sessions or bootcamp.

Learn what and how to ask simple questions, identify the weaknesses,  troubleshoot your own problems in a safe environment with others.   Active participation, sharing and listening in groups of 3-6 individuals 

TESTIMONIES: ” Very enlightening, appropriate to the times we live in. Alicya’s ability to take abstract concepts and apply them to concrete is valuable learning. Great job on moving business applications into personal to take to our home lives.” Dan Rambo, CPA candy store owner, New Smyrna Beach, FL  

” Alot of good information and a lot to offer,  and I am not into cybersecurity. Thanks, it really reinforced my self-image” John Sterns, Swim Coach and Business Owner, New Smyrna Beach, FL 

” Alicya’s Awareness Training Class is worth the time, and effort to attend, excellent set of “tools” to reframing your insights into yourself (self-awareness) and into your future plans, goals, roles, and people you want as friends.” Roger Rebman, Retired Commercial Real Estate Broker and now avid shuffleboard player, Deland, FL 

” Attending Alicya’s workshop was an experience that impacted intellect mind, body, and spirit. I’ve been to many conferences and workshops over the years. This one was unlike any I’ve experienced. Shifted a lot of stuff inside & met like minded life-long learners. Do yourself a favor and attend one. Rob Davidson, AV Tech Specialist and CFO, Deland, FL

“During this presentation, Alicya presented some valuable “C-Level” Cyber Security Information accompanied with awareness examples. I found the information to be informative and valuable as a business owner. Alicya also presented a Self Awareness portion to the presentation. This was useful in bringing a nice balance to the technical content, adding a warm twist of personal awareness.” “Thank you for this unique opportunity”. Laura Hope OWNER/FOUNDER The Hope Group.

“I often hear the pitfallsof hackers, the damage they do to large companies as well the identity theft.” “I got a depper understanding from the Awareness Training Session facilitated by Alicya Simmons. She shared a PP presentation that took us on a journey form invasion to recovery. We were given tips on prevention also. There were a lot of concepts that were presented that I would like to further explore. This sessions was as explained “basic security awareness”. The special part of this session was lovely in the way personal aspects of self care were woven in. It became obvious that protecting your data and on-line reputation is as important as self-knowledge as self-love. It was a comfortable, hospitable setting.  Alicya was warm,, confident, and knowledgeable. With her leadership, I felt good about the experience and the camaraderie with the other participants. Thank you Alicya.” SONJA JEAN CRAIG

“This was an eye-opening experience! While learning to be aware an diligent about personal and business security, it was very refreshing to take a moment and detach and become grounded again! Thank you for providing the space and experience” Doreen, NSB, FL

“Thanks to you Alicya for bringing us together and sharing good information, it was a lovely experience with this special group of women”. Val Vadderodd NSB & Orlando

“I was recently a quest speaker at one of Alicya’s security awareness and self awareness training sessions. She asked me attend and give a brief overview on bio-identical replacement therapy, diet, exercise, sleep and lifestyle goals, and the benefits of ancillary medical services of a concierge/direct primary care doctor.  I was greatly impressed at the high level of knowldege her participants already had and what Alicya is doing to educate others on how to take control of their personal health and protect their digital data. The small group atmosphere allowed for a personalized discussion and and answer session whihc was enjoyed by all. I highly recommend attending one of these in the future. ” Dr. John Jepna, D.O. Total wellness HC, Port Orange, FL

DON’T BE LEFT BEHIND DIGITALLY,  MENTALLY,  EMOTIONALLY. Come along for the ride  .  .  . 


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