"Our life experiences, expertise and education shape us to who we are and what we are becoming so that we may lead others who want to learn and in turn lead"

My Story:


I have over 35 years in negotiating – selling – buying – leasing commercial real estate deals from planeports, mobile homes, museums and office and industrial buildings and land in between. Site selection, marketing plans, dealing with city, county and state officials – I get it done. The other side of my training the hard way but has served me and my client well – Litigation in the family court system. I divorced a trial lawyer who was also an elected state official – For over 15 years I hired and fired lawyers for failure to get results, incompetency, or the system was so corrupt I had to come up with creative ways to get to a mutually fair solution. My journeys took me to Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic to understand the underworld, and California, North Carolina and Barbados to enjoy surfing and surf contests.

As an avid competitive athlete – I raced SCCA (Sport Car Club of America in the Spec miata 18. liter class) Was High performance high speed driving instructor for the Porsche Club of America – Citrus Region Orlando, I instructed and raced Daytona International Speedway – easy course but still exhilarating, Road Atlanta, Road America Elkhart Lake, WI, Roebling Road, GA and Laguna Seca, CA. Racing and instructing taught me to keep your head even when you blow a corner, spin out and hit the wall and above all : track etiquette is everything.

I hold certifications in Brain Health, Hypnosis, NLP and recently; The Cyber Security Defence Certificate at University of Central Florida. Staying well, staying protected and maintaining digital hygiene is essential to navigating your world.

New Smyrna Beach is my home; long beach walks, surfing (no shark attacks), tennis and green drinks with friends and family maintains harmony and joy in this chaotic world we are all inhabitating.

Always strive for success and never ever give up.

"I got tired of him losing so I decided to nitty gritty help him succeed one vote at atime"


“All Individuals are made of Dreams, Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes. If you need Inspiration and motivation to realize what you are made of – I can help you.”


An Affiliate of Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics, Alicya empowers her clients to ask better questions of their psychiatrists, internists, and medical providers that then work to address and help solve and heal and improve a variety of chronic and systemic health problems.

Credentials & Training:

  • Brain Fitness Certification –  A4M ( The American Academy of Anti-Aging) & U of South Florida
  • Affiliate of Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics – Amen Method Professional Program & Brain Health Coach
  • The International Society for Hypnosis Certification – Hypnotist
  • The Carrick Institute – Neuroscience & Chiropractors conference, Orlando FL
  • Hippocrates Health Institute Alumni and Guest Speaker to the Cancer Wellness Program Patients
  • The NLP of Institute of California – Tim Hallbaum
  • North Carolina Self-Relations psychotherapy training  led by Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.
  • North Carolina Self-Relations psychotherapy training  led by Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.
  • Frontiers of Trauma Treatment Retreat – By Dr. Bessel van der Kolk & Dana Moore
  • NLP Practioner – NLP Comprehensive, Winter Park, CO
  • NLP Master Practitioner – Life Potential Developments, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • NLP Seminars Group International & Richard Bandler & John La Valle: Persuasion Engineering, Design Human Engineering, Genius and Creativity Enhancement with Gabriel Guerrero, Charisma Enhancement
  • M.B.A.  Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College. Winter Park, FL


“I was fortunate to obtain training and experience from some true Greats in the field of NLP & Hypnosis and Trauma; Richard Bandler, Steve Andreas, Stephen Gilligan, Jan Prince, Dr. Bessel Von Der Kolk. And the late Tom Best, and Valerie Hunt.

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“Alicya really know how to get people to relax and learn and change internal states, I recommend one of her workshops to anyone who is interested in be happier with themselves” Patricya Ivey

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