My Story:


I am a Business person, entreprenuer, and a Self-Help Trainer. This is one of my passions of work interest |  I was always fascinated with the psyche of the mind, the human spirit and the subconscious.  I have learned if you listen and pay attention to yourself it will guide you properly.

In grade school I got A’s, in high school I got popular; cheerleading and tennis and Homecoming Queen, not so much A’s, In undergrad I got A’s, B’s, and some C’s. I played high school and 2 years of college women’s tennis, got ranked in division II in the State of Florida in Women’s doubles. I had a great partner who liked the add side.

In Graduate School – A’s and mastered most of my subsequent certifications. And then if you do not use it you do lose it, hence the con’t education classes.  I am a conference and workshop junkie. WordPress, cyber security, brain health, and NLP.

I raced cars SCCA spec miata division and was a “High Performace Driving” Instructor for the Porsche Club here in Orlando the Citrus region – for 10 years.

After that, I started surfing competitvely in ESA Eastern Surfing Association for Central Florida and North Central Florida.

I was a Surf Mom for my youngest daughter have no fear surfer who surfed JR PRo and for UNCW’s surf team and a Cheer Mom for my oldest daughter another know “no fear” who cheered for the University of Miami on the co-ed squad. Why is this important? Because competition is good, makes you strong, clear, and more competent in what you are doing.

Then there is the  litigation piece.  Keep reading . . . I married an attorney who did corporate litigation and had political aspirations. Me? I always was a a patriot and voted since 18. What a match – we did tri ath alons and traveled to Europe, played tennis and golf and had a great life with our 2 girls. The husband ran for political office 2x and failed and on the 3rd go around I said I would help and so I did and engaged my home and workbase of  growing up in Altamonte Springs, Real estate colleagues and clients, neighborhood, church and tennis groups and we the hubby elected to the FL House of Representatives. After that; our shared goals for life changed and we got a not so nice divorce and he and his legal representative harassed me for almost 2 decades in court with invented no basus arguements.  And guess what the pattern of childhood continued because he wanted to argue and not solve problems and it was always my fault. Sound familiar. It is draining and impossible to have a relationship with individuals who refuse to hear see or listen to your reality.

As a result I have has alot of practice establishing boundaries and helping others empower themselves and gain skills in areas of life to live and be happier and more fulfilled.  The moral of the story “Keep going and have fun along the way and enjoy the journey more everyday . . . ”


My formal education came from all local schools; from Homecoming Queen at Lyman High School to Ranked #1 in the state Division 2 college tennis doubles and playing line 2 for Valencia Community College to Kappa Delta Sorority pledge class Sweetheart at UCF where I received a BSBA and later earned am MBA from Crummer Graduate School of Business at Rollins College, Winter Park.

  • My Certifications; a  Cyber Security Defense Certificate (Grade A) – a 10-month intense boot camp on campus at UCF. December 2022
  • Brain HealthCertificate from the American Academy of Anti-Aging (The late Suzanne Sommers was the ambassador )- a 2-year course designed for MDs and alternative Doctors  – that introduced the early detection and preventive tools for dementia and ALZ that plague millions of aging Americans.
  •  Hypnosis Certification from Tim Hallbom a renowned Hypnotherapist from CA – NLP of CO and
  • Dozens of NLP certs and seminars with Richard Bandler & John Lavalle
  • Life Potentionals with Ronda Degaust, and Bob Clarke in Novia Scotia Canada.
  •  Kripalu, NY –  a 3-day seminar on The Frontiers of Trauma with Dr. Bessel Von Der Kolk.
  • A Residential on The Hero’s Journey for Therapists with Dr. Stephen Gilliagan in N.C..
  • Met with the late Valerie Hunt on energy consciousness in Malibu, CA
  • And dozens of other workshops to continue to understand oneself, release trauma, get relief and shift one’s consciousness to achieve desired outcomes for onreself.
Travels:  Exploring Florida from the Keys to the Panhandle and east and west coast, Alaska, Maine, NC, SC, TX, NJ, MI, MN, CA, OR, WA, VT, KS, AK, NE to see the USA.

Peru, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic, and Ecuador for restoration &  surfing.

Previous travels were to the Isle of Capri, Florence, Venice; Italy, Vienna, Paris, Greece,  Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and Spain, inspired appreciation for culture and diversity.


“All Individuals are made of Dreams, Values, Beliefs, and Attitudes. If you need Inspiration and motivation to realize what you are made of – I can help you.”


An Affiliate of Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics, Alicya empowers her clients to ask better questions of their psychiatrists, internists, and medical providers that then work to address and help solve and heal and improve a variety of chronic and systemic health problems.

Credentials & Training:

  • Brain Fitness Certification –  A4M ( The American Academy of Anti-Aging) & U of South Florida
  • Affiliate of Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics – Amen Method Professional Program & Brain Health Coach
  • The International Society for Hypnosis Certification – Hypnotist
  • The Carrick Institute – Neuroscience & Chiropractors conference, Orlando FL
  • Hippocrates Health Institute Alumni and Guest Speaker to the Cancer Wellness Program Patients
  • The NLP of Institute of California – Tim Hallbaum
  • North Carolina Self-Relations psychotherapy training  led by Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.
  • North Carolina Self-Relations psychotherapy training  led by Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D.
  • Frontiers of Trauma Treatment Retreat – By Dr. Bessel van der Kolk & Dana Moore
  • NLP Practioner – NLP Comprehensive, Winter Park, CO
  • NLP Master Practitioner – Life Potential Developments, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • NLP Seminars Group International & Richard Bandler & John La Valle: Persuasion Engineering, Design Human Engineering, Genius and Creativity Enhancement with Gabriel Guerrero, Charisma Enhancement
  • M.B.A.  Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College. Winter Park, FL


“I was fortunate to obtain training and experience from some true Greats in the field of NLP & Hypnosis and Trauma; Richard Bandler, Steve Andreas, Stephen Gilligan, Jan Prince, Dr. Bessel Von Der Kolk. And the late Tom Best, and Valerie Hunt.

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“Alicya really know how to get people to relax and learn and change internal states, I recommend one of her workshops to anyone who is interested in be happier with themselves” Patricya Ivey

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