The Anonymous HACKER Group “Cyber incident” hackers protesting war in Gaza breach on Israels’s Justice Ministry . . .


The mask is the trademark logo for the Anonymous (hacker group) which is a decentralized group of hackers and activists who use their skills to expose corruption, injustice and oppression known for attacks against governments, corporations, and the Church of Scientology. An unofficial website that claim to represent Anonymous is  . They are only recognized by the mask. The anonymous concept was started for hiding your identity from other people.  This is the guyfox mask and can be purchased pretty much anywhere.  I bought mine for $6 from a street vendor in Cabrette, D.R. on a surf trip last year.  If you want to join them it is not necessary to work in related computer programming or have specific education skills. Always hide your identity and do good work for your society. Check them out for related news links and videos on what social justice work they are doing.  As for you and your own personal or your company’s cyber hygiene. Use is a free online software service that analyzes suspicious files, URLS, domains and IP addresses to detect malware and other types of threats. Open up the website cut and paste/ upload your file or website URL in the appropriate box and 100 or so security vendors will sandbox flag or community high score as clean.  Hackers employ Virustotal to evade antivirus detection for their spyware.

April 5th 2024: Israel’s Justice Ministry is investigating a cyber incident after hackers protesting the war in Gaza claimed to have breached the ministry;s servers and retrieved hundreds of gigabytes of data.

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