The planets are in mecury retrograde – life is getting back to normal the new normal – a different sense of routine and change. The largest  migration of humans moving to different areas of the world in recent history. Why ? Change? Wanting something more or less than what they had before. The past is the past. CO-vid 19 accelerated our use of technology and aged many of us in the process. Lives were lost  – priorities were changed and harsh realities stared all of in the face. Now – for some of a new found peace found us.  Acceptance, the stupidity of  some of our  government fighting and lack of solutions  and resolve to solve problems. But the American people have rallied and are fighting back for equality and economic fairness. Great time to be alive – the chaos and disruption shall continue and flow with it and make a difference. Fight through your own doubt, depression, anxiety  will lead to self peace and a calmness that if you hold your own it will all settle down around you. Life is Life – That’s Life.

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