Mission Statement

Hi, I am Alicya Simmons and I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, and certified in Brain Chemistry.

“My Goal is to help give you the Tools and Resources to make your Brain work Right.”

When your Brain works right, so do you. When your brain works too hard, or not hard enough, so do you.

Anxiety – Depression – ADD- ADHD – Agitation – Negativity – Stress -Poor Sleep Cycles – are reduced and replaced with Increased Cognitive -Behavioral Strategies.

Your Brain is the most complex organ in the universe. Optimal Cognition and Emotional Markers give you vital, sustaining life.

How? By determining your brain type and what Brain Systems run your life.

SPECT Scans, QEEG’s, Medical Questionnaires help determine what certain areas in the brain are associated with specific learning, behavioral and emotional problems. Or optimizing brain fitness.

Your brain can change and I will help you how.

Solutions: Hypnosis, Visual Exercises, Medications, Supplements, Hormone replacements, Support Groups, Intense Aerobic Exercise, Diet, & Sleep Hygiene.





You can learn how to  how to release anxieties, phobias and brain fog, and improve your mind and brain to feel good and channel more vitality and adventure into your life. Now.




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