“Your sub-conscious runs your show. If you want positive changes then re-program your subconscious to run a better show where you are the leading star” Need Help?  – contact me  now  for sessions, classes and tools to get started and start enjoying what you came here to do with your life”

 ~ Alicya Simmons, M.B.A.It is your choice what you do with 24 hours

Hypnotherapist & NLP Practicioner,  Certified Brain Health Coach, Florida Affiliate of Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics

” Are you over repeating the same pattern over and over and over again? Or need new skills a and navigation tools to play well with others on the planet?

Based on your learning style, past experiences, age, motivation level, upbringing, culture, education, belief systems: I will assist you in bringing out your BEST SELF forward.

Symptons of Anger, PTSD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and other forms of mind & brain dysfunction are signs of resistance to a better way of living, relating, and connecting with others, including yourself. 

Transform old ways into New Learning, Language patterns, Cognition, Clarity, Mental & Emotional Clearance ways to be free to live and enjoy LIFE

HOW: Using evidenced -based science, trance, visual imagery, and brain health tools to re-pattern your subconscious;  YOU  improve your Memory, Executive (f), Self regulation, Moods, Relationships,  & Sports.

Contact me for an evaluation; 407-399-0608 and start enjoying your life  from the constructs of mind & brain disorders.



A new day with new possibilites
A breath-taking sunrise is remind you of the beauty of each day.

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