It’s all about Attitude

Where are you going to spend the next 25-50 years of your life? Active, engaged and healthy? Life is a game and this is not practice.  Today’s world is full of exciting stimuli and distractions. How to stay on task and enjoy life and all of it’s experiences requires training.

I utilize hypnosis, NLP, Visualization Techniques, and Brain Fitness strategies to improve sleep, memory, focus, and an overall sense of feeling good thus creating a renewed sense of purpose and zest and excitement to live life.

EXAMPLE: Go to my website and download a copy of this month’s mediation. Practice it daily for 3 days and see what changes occur.

Next start eating 2-3 tablespoons of wheatgerm a day to improve your brain chemicals of dopamine, acetyclholine, serotonin and GABBA. These are 4 chemicals in your brain that affect your biochemistry of personality, balance of  mood swings and sexual desire. Too much or too little of these brain chemicals affects your emotional state. Stress affects your emotional state and eventually your physical being.

Sleep hygiene reboots your brain to function faster and clearer. Take 3 mg of melatonin, 2 capsules of GABBA, and 2 tsp of CALM – a magnesium based powder 30 min before bedtime, and see how well you sleep. Avoid eating, strenuous exercise, and alcohol three hrs before bedtime. Wake up feeling rested and thank God for your existence on the planet.

Lastly, attend one of my upcoming workshops and learn new ways of improving your memory, sleep, renewed zest for life and meet cool like-minded people like yourself.


Alicya Simmons





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