What do Positive Emotions do for You?

What do you positive emotions do for you?

It gives you engagement in Life

It gives you meaning in Life.

Have you noticed the 2 most studied emotions are fear and anger, perhaps depression is in there somewhere.

And the least studied emotions are Happiness and perhaps Bliss or Joy.

When you engage in Life – it means you are there. If you didn’t learn it – “I wasn’t there”.

Meaning is where – what it is you are doing or not doing gives you a sense of purpose.

Happiness is formed and generally in people with good health.

Unhappiness is linked to depression and coronary heart disease.

Joyfulness is linked to statin drugs or intense aerobic exercise. You select.

Emotion Research indicates that there is a difference in need for stimulation between extroverts and introverts.

High in Neuroticism – want calm and peaceful.

The more we value and go for it – the less happy we get. Value is where we may put the bar higher.

What does that tell you – that positive emotions are what gives you an outlook in life. More meaning and engagement.

How do we get these positive emotions? That is what this website is all about.

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