“The Haircut”

“I was lying in bed, depressed, lonely and feeling blah. My klonopin was not working today. Was waiting for my mom to drive in from N. Florida to baby and feel sorry for me. I called her and asked her to pay for a haircut to chase the ickness away. Suprisingly, she agreed, $85 w no blow dry at Bellazza Spa off of 57th in Coral Gables. I dragged myself there. Within 30 minutes I was transformed. Staring back from me was a pixie cut on a thick strawberry blond head of hair. Blue eyes twinkled back. A 10 minute deep conditioning shampoo with scalp massage warm water cascading, the razor sharpness skill of scissors shaping my hair for my head, an offer of white wine which I demurely waved off, and now wala! A chic cool look adorned me, no ickness in sight. I skipped by the Barnes & Noble where I had interviewed 3 days ago for a PT job and whoa and behold wala again! My cell rang, it was the manager telling me I was hired on a conditional basis while they ran a background check and when could I start? I will never need Klonopin or Lexapro again!.” A new look, a job, my mom coming to visit a 23 year old senior at the U of Miami, a new outlook because of a haircut.

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