Alicya Simmons - Certified Brain Health Coach

Motivating and Inspiring You with Trance & Brain Health to think feel and act well”


“I help you get the science and pathways you need of understanding and treating neurological and mental health disorders that may affect you and your family”


Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics, Certified Brain Health Coach

” Are you or your loved one suffering from PTSD, ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Dementia, or other forms of mind & brain dysfunction? I independently assess your current condition in diagnosing and monitoring common neurological disorders and recommend the top experts, doctors, neuro-scientists, labs, or basic inspiring suggestions on life principles.”

 Learning, Language patterns, Cognition, Clarity, Mental & Emotional Clearance, & Movements improve so you can be free to actualize and live a better life.

Golf at Hidden Lakes, NSB November 2016

Golf at Hidden Lakes, NSB
November 2016

HOW: Using evidenced -based science, trance, visual imagery, and brain health tools to re-pattern your subconscious;  YOU  improve your memory, executive function, Self regulations, Relationships, Work Performance, & Athletics, and relationships. 

Contact me for an evaluation; 407-399-0608 and Begin enjoying your life free from mind & brain disorders.

ESA Championships Nag's Head, NC Sept. 2016

ESA Championships Nag’s Head, NC Sept. 2016


ESA Central Florida Surf Contest Melbourne Beach, Sept. 2016 Ladies SB 1st Place

ESA Central Florida Surf Contest – Ladies SB First Place – Melbourne Beach, Sept. 2016